Welcome to my website. This is to tell you who I am and what I can offer if you are considering having some counselling.

I am fully qualified with 15 years experience, mostly counselling adults, covering a wide range of issues. I work from my home in Rodborough, Stroud.

I offer a space for you to consider thoughts and feelings which you cannot share elsewhere in your life. You could be trying to manage a crisis or life-changing event. There may be issues from your past you want to explore. You may be experiencing  low self-esteem, or have a sense of feeling different or alone.

As your counsellor I would not give advice, instead we work together to find a way for you to move forward. My belief is that through the process of being in counselling, you will feel more sure of yourself. Your interactions with the world outside will be more authentic and you will be able to reach better outcomes for yourself.

I am an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have trained to Diploma level in Couples Counselling and Certificate level in Psychosexual Therapy. I also teach Counselling courses at SGS College in Stroud.

I also offer couples counselling, for working on difficulties which have emerged in your relationship. You will gain understanding about how old patterns of behaviour cause problems, then discover ways of being together more effectively, with better communication skills.