couples counselling


The demands on the most important relationship in your adult life can be severely tested by the average modern lifestyle. You may be at breaking point due to dealing with differences in work, sex, money, childcare - even housework - and this all puts pressure on you and your partner.

There may be issues around blended families, parents, children or step-children which are somehow getting in-between you both.

When things get bad you might think it is easier to separate than work through the problems, but the discord you are both suffering can also be a great place to learn about yourselves and your relationship, and from there, to improve your lives.

Better communication is something which can be learned and practised, to help ease distress and enable negotiation. Learn how to truly listen and feel heard by each other.

We can look at what originally attracted you both, how you fitted yourselves around each other, and why is this now not working for you. Out of this you will reach a new understanding and be able to find a way to move forward.